Supporting Your Art: My Mission, Values and What's Next. ⋆
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Supporting Your Art: My Mission, Values and What’s Next.

What does Supporting Your Art mean? This is something I have been thinking around and exploring for a while. Recently, I have had the time to think about it’s full potential.

I chose the name because everything I did; my skill-sets, my experience and my values all aligned neatly with working in the creative sector. I really wanted to support the sector that had given me so much over my life.

Now I want to fully explore it. Below you can find some of the thinking I have been doing around my mission, my values and what I want to do next.

My Mission

To explore different ways of supporting people’s creativity & wellbeing whether it is a big organisation or company (both corporate and creative), an artist or someone who just wants to get a bit more creativity into their lives.

My book nook project.

I want to expand to supporting individuals who may not work professionally in the arts. People who may have rarely connected with their creativity, maybe think they can’t or people who want to reconnect with their creative side.

I want to explore other ways I can support the creative professionals and organisations I work already with.

To explore other types of organisations and companies I can support to be more creative in their approaches.

My Values

To always explore other ways of supporting creativity & wellbeing.

There are innumerable ways of encouraging and supporting creativity whether for a business, creative organisation, artist or individuals with a creative hobby. I want to always be exploring new ways to connect.

To create opportunities for both artists and participants

Being an active member of the creative economy is so important. I want to create paid opportunities for other creative professionals.

To create accessible and easy to use resources that supports creativity

Fairly self explanatory. Over lock-down I have been creating a number of different digital resources, all of which connect wellbeing and creativity. I would like to explore this further.

To support the work of creatives to ensure they can focus directly on the creation.

Through administrative support and other resources to save time and ensure they can focus on their creative mission.

Supporting Your ArtTo tell stories of creativity & wellbeing

Through film/photography both my own creative documentation projects and working with clients directly and articles.

Also to tell stories that support creativity and wellbeing. More on that soon!

To conduct research into the creative sector and wellbeing

Again fairly self explanatory. I would like to conduct small research projects into the creative sector and how it relates to wellbeing.

What is next?

To continue working towards becoming a useful supportive resource and helping hand for people and organisations exploring creativity.

Have an idea of how I could begin supporting your art? It could be a resource you wish existed, project support, a story of creativity to share? Get in contact.