The Ugly Bug Ball - The Come & Sing Company ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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About This Project


The Come & Sing Company are bringing people together in song.

“The Come and Sing Company create and deliver tailor-made musical workshops and events to help people connect through music.

Our exceptional team share decades of musical experience as performers, conductors, workshop leaders, singing teachers and educators in a wide range of settings across the globe.”

The are working on a project called The Ugly Bug Ball and had filmed lots of footage for it but needed someone to edit it together. They had to be quick and easy for anyone to use. They also had to be optimised for web and easy distribution.


To edit together a series of 23 simple videos as part of The Ugly Bug Ball Project.

To create a title card.


An example of how remote editing can be perfect for certain projects! They could film all of the footage but didn’t have time/resources to edit it together. Once they had finished filming, they sent me over the footage.

It was a joy to go through. I wanted to ensure that the editing supported their fun, high energy delivery so I had a bit of fun animating the title card. I did a few tweaks, a bit of colour grading here and there to ensure their footage looked the best it could. Due to the nature of the project I can’t share the videos, however I have included a couple of screen captures of the video itself.

This was so much fun to work on. If you haven’t come across The Come and Sing Company, then you should definitely check them out.