Showreel Editing May ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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Adminsitrative Support, Video
About This Project


Creative Arts East is an arts and community development charity, which focuses on engaging those communities, or their members, who face geographical, physical or other barriers to participating in the cultural life of their area. We do this by facilitating and leading high quality, stimulating arts and cultural activities in rural and disadvantaged communities across Norfolk, Suffolk and the wider eastern region.”

I was bought into the office for one day to edit together some showreels for their LIVE! And Screen schemes and one more that was about them generally. They were to be used at a “Promoters” day which is when they bring their community promoters from across the region into one place to reveal the newest menus and talk to them about how the scheme is developing.


Come into office and use existing assets to create three films.

Collect other assets from partners, dvd’s, and other websites.

Ensure the films communicate what they need to.

Export them and place them onto the company drive to be easily accessed.


This is a great way of editing together these types of showreels. I was in their office which meant that if I had any questions I could immediately ask them and ensure the quickest possible turnaround. I had access to all of the assets immediately without any timely upload times for them (normally people would upload assets to google drive or similar for me.) It also meant that once finished they could be reviewed immediately and placed where they needed to be when signed off. Which normally would be a chain of several emails and again, more upload time. But this was immediate and very efficient.