Research Project: Earlham ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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Research and Development
About This Project


The Norfolk & Norwich Festival is one of the oldest city festivals in England Festivals in the UK. You can read about the Festival here on their website. I was asked to come in and conduct research into an area of the city.


To look at the demographics of the area using previous research and government data.

To research previous arts & participatory projects that had taken place in the area. Exploring what was successful and what didn’t work and why.

To interview people who work in the area to find out what could be effective in the area.

Use all of this data to create a best practice working document for facilitators & organisations who work in the area.


This was brilliant to work on. I enjoyed working with them to build a full picture of what was happening in the area and exploring what kind of projects could work.

It is essential when facilitators or organisations come into a new geographic area to understand the people living in that area. This particular area of Norwich is known for being an area of economic deprivation. Through this research, you could really see that there is also a strong sense of community. There are so many things that make up an area and the people that live in it. This should be taken into account by the facilitators and organisations that want to work there. This was a fantastic chance to delve into these issues and explore how we can help each other to have the most impact with our work.