Norfolk & Norwich Festival ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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Adminsitrative Support, Marketing Support, Project Management
About This Project


Norfolk & Norwich Festival is one of the oldest city festivals in England Festivals in the UK. You can read about the Festival here on their website. As part of their activity they run Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios each year. It is a massive scheme where Artists are invited to take part and open their studios to the public for a few weeks in May. It was lovely to return to the Festival office once more to support the work on NNOS


Input information of artwork that had been submitted to be shown in the Central Taster Exhibition.

Check this information and flag any missing data that we needed.

Create to scale versions of the Artwork.

Use these scaled versions of the art work and place them on to scale versions on the board to ensure we had space for the work, whilst ensuring that art works on either side of the boards were of a similar size to minimise wires for hanging.

Updating marketing packs and other NNOS documentation to ensure it had current information and dates.

Printing materials to ensure that the get in of the Central Taster was smooth.


I had an internship in what was then the participation and engagement team at the Festival a few years ago. Being back was wonderful. I was only there for 5 days over April. As you can see above my role was very focused on the big Central Taster Exhibition. Over those 5 days I took on the time consuming data checking/entry, printing/cutting jobs. This meant that they could focus on liaising with Artists and the venue to ensure everything else about the Central Taster could come together.

I loved putting together the full-scale version of the exhibition. It is not curated so we mainly wanted to check we had enough space for the pieces submitted and that they were balanced on each side if the board so we could cut down on the amount of wires needed to hang. It was great to see how non-curated exhibitions come together and the many things that need to be considered.

It is something I would love to do again!