Norfolk County Music Festival ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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About This Project


Since being founded in 1925  Norfolk County Music Festival has supported music, singing and teaching throughout the county. This year it ran from 1 – 28 March.

“The Festival is a showcase for any type of instrument or singing: from school choirs, piano, strings, guitar, through to musical theatre, orchestras and rock bands. We provide a wonderful opportunity for learners at all levels to perform under concert conditions in front of a friendly audience. You benefit from hearing your fellow performers, receiving expert advice and gentle guidance (from adjudicators) on your performance.” (source)


Create a working shoot schedule for the duration of the festival.

Capture performances throughout the festival in multiple locations around Norwich.

Use footage to create videos for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ready to be posted the following day or ASAP.

Queue up the social media posts so they would go out periodically.

Match the language and brand of other posts on the platforms.


This was a wonderful opportunity to capture some of the best talent this county has to offer. Every musician I saw as part of this programming was astounding. The talent was undeniable. From the smallest violinist I have ever seen, to the year 11 school choirs.

I have previously edited a video in time for the next day (see the Dance to Health project). This project needed many videos for the next day. Luckily, with that previous experience I knew all of the prep needed to ensure this was as smooth a process as possible.

After the editing, came the sharing. We needed a time effective way of doing this. Therefore, the creation of a festival YouTube channel to slimline this was ideal. It was interesting to delve more into the world of social media as I don’t do much of it. However, it was much the same as other administrative tasks I do – It’s about understanding the voice of the client and their message.

It was lovely to see the audiences get to see their child or friend get their time on the stage. Above all, it was great to be around those smiling faces enjoying every minute of their time on the stage and getting feedback from experts. It was wonderful to be in a space where everyone loved the music itself.

I won’t be able to share all of the videos I created due to safeguarding reasons. However, if you would like to see some of the performances, then you can head over to the Festival’s YouTube.