Inn Crowd Admin Support ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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Adminsitrative Support
About This Project


Creative Arts East is a brilliant company who have been there for me at every stage of my career so far. You can see more details of what they do over on their website. Inn Crowd is a really exciting project they have been running over the last few years in partnership with Applause Rural Touring. It is all about bringing live literature performances to Rural pubs. I worked on it before when I was an employee at Creative Arts East so it was a joy to return to it as a freelancer.


To provide administrative support for the project this included; contracts, invoicing, taking bookings and maintaining bookings spreadsheets to ensure everyone has the most up to date information.

Liaising with participating pubs and the Artists on the project and ensuring they both had the info they needed.

Developing new potential pub participants, introducing them to the project or reminding them of the project. Organising and attending meetings with them to explain the project and sign them up.


It is always wonderful to return to Creative Arts East. They are a brilliant team doing truly wonderful work enriching rural communities. This role was two days a week for the two months. Having me there meant that the team could focus on other projects that were coming up. Going to meetings at pubs that could be as far as 2 hours away takes a serious amount of time that could be spent doing other things. Having me do them gave them precious time back in the office.