Frozen Light ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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Marketing Support
About This Project


Frozen Light are specialists in creating theatre for audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, whilst working with venues to make theatre and arts buildings accessible for people with PMLD.


Develop audiences for the their tour of The Isle of Brimsker.

Researching potential audiences in each area.

Making first contact and following up with contacts already made.

Informing them about the show and answering accessibility questions.

Liaising with venues to ensure our ticket data was accurate and up to date.

All with a view of selling tickets and ensuring potential audiences knew that the show was available to them.


It was brilliant to be part of giving this audience, who may find it difficult to experience the Theatre, a chance to go and see something that was just for them. Even though I was a small part of it, it felt brilliant. It was very eye opening that some of the contacts I spoke to almost didn’t believe that this was a show they could bring their service users to. It made me see how vital the work that Frozen Light do really is.

It was very rewarding to see posts going up on social media about the show that I had helped get an audience for and learn more about this audience and the services that support them.

I am going to continue working for Frozen Light for an extended period to provide administrative support to them. I will write a separate piece about this.