Dance to Health Project ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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Photography, Video
About This Project


Another brand new client this year. The Dance to Health project is a programme managed by Aesop

Dance to Health is a nationwide pioneering community dance programme for older people. It combines evidence-based falls prevention principles with the creativity, expression and energy of dance. The sessions are led by professional dance artists from leading dance companies who have been fully trained and qualified in falls prevention exercise methods.”

One of their projects was based in Norfolk and recently had a celebration event.


To document the rehearsals for the performance at the celebration event

To edit together a film that could be screened the following day at the celebration event itself

To then document the celebration event and add to the film to show the entire two days as one big celebration of the project/legacy video.


This was something that I had never done before. I documented their rehearsal through videos and photography and then went home to edit together a film that would be screened as part of the event the following day. It had to find it’s shape quickly, which it did. The rehearsal day had such a natural flow that the narrative of the film came together easily.

Doing this quick turn around was important as some of the participants couldn’t come to the rehearsal day but were coming to watch the performance the next day. It was wonderful for the participants who did take part to not only see themselves on screen but to see the rehearsal process and see how far they had come in such a short time. The film also communicates a small part of what the project was like as a whole – the atmosphere, the laughs, the tea and cake!

A few participants shared their experiences as part of the celebration event so I also filmed these. Although the sound is not used in the final film and you only see a glimpse of this footage, it then became very useful as a documentation of what they had said and was used for evaluation.

This was a challenge and such a treat, the facilitators, participants and organisers were friendly and so open about sharing their time with me. They were clearly having such a positive time and I came away from both of the days feeling so happy. Projects like this are important for so many reasons:

  1. Tackling social and rural isolation
  2. Providing accessible exercise
  3. Providing fun exercise
  4. Connecting to creativity
  5. Tackling the idea of what people are capable of
    (and of course many more!)

Thank you again to Aesop and the Dance to Health team for having me. It was a joy.