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Facilitation, Projects led by Supporting Your Art
About This Project


The National Centre for Writing is a frequent client of mine. They have hosted my Book Nook at their wonderful base at Dragon Hall a couple of times now. The latest was at a Family Open Day.

The Book Nook is a little place that I create (pillows, chairs, book shelves and lots of books) at events where people can come along and sit, relax and read. If they find a book they really love then they can take it home for free!


To bring my book nook project to their family open day.

Create a relaxed environment where parents/carers and young people could spend time enjoying books in between other activities.


It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to try out the Book Nook project in different spaces. The National Centre for Writing is the perfect place for it! When they asked me to bring my books along to their family fun day it felt like a great opportunity.

My favourite part of running this project is the discussions I get to have with everyone who interacts with it. I get to learn about their favourite books, discuss what kind of things they like. I get to help them find the right book for them.

We had lots of people stop and enjoy the comfy space and look through some books. We gave away around 30 books in total. It’s so lovely to see someone leave with a book they are excited about.