Audience Development & Research - I Made This ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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Research and Development
About This Project


I Made This is “…a charity that works with young people in Norfolk and Suffolk using music and video to inspire and empower.” They do some amazing work that really improves the skills and raises the aspirations of those they work with.

I was asked to conduct some audience development research with a few specific aims.


Explore new types of audiences to participate in their work
Understand the potential geographic areas they could expand into by conduction an area audit
Speak to other organisations who work with the target audiences and find out their experiences.
Current activity audit
What organisations are there?
Explore other markets
To present my findings & recommendations in a report


I loved this project because I enjoy getting the opportunity to work more deeply on something for a while. I love interacting with people and looking out for opportunities and that is exactly what this was.

When working with any new client – especially when I am conducting this kind of research, I like to learn as much as I can about the organisation in it’s current state and in this case, about their current audiences. Then, once we have a good set of goals agreed the exploration can begin.

I compiled the information for them which included:
– Case studies of organisations who had branched out in similar ways to new participant groups.
– Information about the participant groups they were interested in working with.
– List of organisations working with those participant groups in the target geographic areas.
– Recommendations based on my findings.