Pay What You Can: Supporting you. ⋆ Supporting Your Art
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Pay What You Can: Supporting you.

Things are tough right now. For everyone. For those of us that work in the arts, whether we run an organisation, work at one or are an individual doing their thing, it is likely that things are unsure right now. However, the work doesn’t wait nor do we want it to. Find out more about my pay what you can offer below.

I have been quietly running a Pay What You Can scheme during lockdown that has been successful so far. I wanted to write this today to share why I am doing it and how it works.

What is the Pay What You Can scheme?

I first saw a similar scheme in the theatre world. It is designed to increase access to the theatre for audience members from a lower-income background. It is also designed to encourage people to take a change on a show they may not normally go to. If they aren’t tied to paying the full ticket price it doesn’t feel like such a risk. When I saw it in action, at the end of the show, everyone was handed an envelope and they put their money in, and there you go. The theory works the same here, only without the envelopes!

What will this apply to?

I have been doing a lot of remote video editing at the moment. This is where organisations share their content with me (videos/photos) and then I’ll put it together into a video. If you are looking to share your message at this time but are worried about your budget then get in contact.

I have also been doing some project support. This has included data entry and some simple website archive management. If you need administrative support to cover some of the basics and day to day so that you can focus on the big picture, then this could be for you.

I have led a couple of workshops online during this time. I have also been creating resources for families to encourage creativity. If you would like to put together a resource but need an extra hand, this is something I can do.

Or maybe you can think of something else you need? It isn’t limited to the above, these are simply examples of things I have already done during lockdown.

How will it work?

Get in contact with me and let me know what the job is. We will discuss it and then I will quote for the work at my regular rates. We will then discuss how that looks to you and fits in with your current budget. That’s where we can explore lowering the cost if need be and how we can do that. This will depend on how affected your organisation/work has been.

I saw a brilliant scale breakdown on the Arts Marketing Association website in the pricing description for their Freelancer Development Programme. I have put it below. Where are you on this scale?

  1. My business has (almost) completely stopped and my income has nearly dried up
  2. Business has been affected and my income has been hit
  3. Business has not been affected too badly but my income has taken a dip

If you choose to go ahead then the job continues as normal.

Why are you doing this?

It’s the least I can do and I am in the lucky and privileged position to be able to offer my work at a discounted rate. This obviously cannot always be the case, but whilst I am able to I will continue.

What happens after that?

I have always had a sliding price scale. I take everything on a project by project basis. After this time I will be solidifying that and sharing that pricing structure more widely. I will also be looking for subsidies. I hope this means that no matter your budget, you can get the support you need.

If you would like to take advantage of this Pay What You can offer then please get in contact.