Happy New Year: How I will be Supporting Your Art & Creativity this year! ⋆
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Happy New Year: How I will be Supporting Your Art & Creativity this year!

I want to say (a belated) Happy New Year. We were all hoping for a smooth start. That didn’t happen. However, let’s not give up on the year just yet! Despite a couple of the inevitable lockdown-related job cancellations, I have had a promising start to my year here at Supporting Your Art. With new projects starting and others on the horizon, I can finally share them with you. Supporting individuals and organisations with their creativity is my main focus this year.

What’s happening now?

Wellbeing Check-in Logo

When the news of another lockdown came out, I finally started a wellbeing group. It’s called “The Weekly Check-in”. We meet once a week for 30 minutes at 6 pm on Thursdays to check-in with ourselves and our goals. This is then followed by the opportunity to do a short creative task. We have done two sessions so far and plan to do 5 to see what we all think. The main idea is to create a safe space to take time to do some self-care and creativity. Message me via the Supporting Your Art Facebook page if you would be interested in joining the group.

It’s been very rewarding and a great way to safely and constructively start using the skills I am gaining from my counselling course within my current training boundaries.


Lucky Dip Mystery Book.

I have launched a shop! My wonderful web designer over at Pollywiggle has put together a brilliant shop. If you have a new years resolution to read more, there is an item on there that will be useful Lucky dip mystery books. These are books that were donated for use in my pop up Library. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, I have had to let go of this idea for a while, and the books are taking up space in my garage, my Mum’s caravan and my Nan’s attic. It was time to find them new homes. Mystery books are trendy right now and are a great way to try something new with a smaller price tag. The money from your purchase will go towards supporting the work I do here. Soon, there will be more exciting items such as; art pieces, creativity & well-being resources, and organisations’ resources.

What’s happening in the future?

I am excited to continue my client work and building these projects of my own—many more products and resources on the way with lots of opportunities to get involved. Keep an eye on the Supporting Your Art social media for updates as I progress and release items.

Thank you for reading and for continuing to support the work I do here.